Danze Faucets, Showers & Accessories

Danze® Faucets, Showers & Accessories

Where there’s water, there’s a simple way to add personality, differentiation and value to your property. Danze taps into that potential with a diverse range of designs that keep your new build or remodel costs down.  With water savings features that help reduce key costs – their perfect guest bathroom becomes surprisingly practical. And that’s just wonderful.


Parma™ Single Handle Trim Line Lavatory Faucet

Parma™ Single Handle Trim Line Sink Faucet

Yearning for a bold and exciting bathroom look? Then the Parma™ Single Handle Trim Line Lavatory Faucet is the style for you. This faucet promises a clean cylindrical design that’s perfect for serious soaping or leisurely lathering. Product shown: D236158BN  MORE PARMA


Parma D446612Parma D446161Parma D446232Parma D510058TParma D304058Parma D460258

Sirius™ Two Handle Wall Mount Sink Faucet Trim Kit

Sculpted and contemporary, the Sirius Two Handle Wall Mount Lavatory Faucet Trim Kit provides a natural, non-aerated water stream. Product shown: D316144T  MORE SIRIUS


Sirius D302044Sirius D512544TSirius D492120Sirius D460244Sirius D560944TSirius D446135


Reef™ Two Handle Sink Faucet

Trendy, stylish and oh so chic, the Reef™ Single Handle Lavatory Faucet is a core fixture for any contemporary space. With a square architectural design and guest-friendly operation, it’s not hard to see why this faucet is a design favorite. Product shown: D304533 MORE REEF


Reef D520533TReef D510433TReef D446137Reef D446136Reef D446133

South Shore™ Single Hole Mount Sink Faucet

Trendy, stylish and adaptable, the South Shore™ Single Handle Faucet is a core fixture for any contemporary or transitional bath. With a smooth architectural design and guest-friendly operation, it’s not hard to see why this faucet is a design favorite. Product shown: D220887  MORE SOUTH SHORE


South Shore D500087TSouth Shore D304087South Shore D446232Parma D446161Parma D446612

South Shore