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Gerber® Toilets & Lavatories

For over 80 years Gerber has been a leading manufacturer of vitreous china plumbing fixtures for the hospitality market. Professionals can “set it and forget it” with Gerber’s comprehensive line of high-performance, high-efficiency and eco-friendly plumbing products.  As a partner in the U.S. EPA WaterSense Program, Gerber allows you to “Save Water and Save Money” while providing a beautiful bathroom for all hospitality environments.


Wicker Park

Wicker Park™ 1.28 gpf Two-Piece Elongated ErgoHeight Toilet

The Wicker Park™ Collection is a contemporary, yet simple design. The bowl and base feature a smooth, fluid style, while the tank adds sharper, more defined lines. Product shown: 20-020 MORE WICKER PARK


Wicker Park 12-599Wicker Park 12-882Wicker Park 13-892Parma D446232Reef D225533

Avalanche™ 1.6 gpf Two-Piece Elongated ErgoHeight Toilet

Known as one of the industry’s top toilets, the Gerber Avalanche™ is perfect for hospitality new construction or renovation. Designed with the highest of standards you can count on minimal performance related issues and extreme customer satisfaction. Product shown: AV-21-818  MORE AVALANCHE 


Avalanche 13-595Avalanche 13-592Antioch D225521Plymouth D441251Plymouth D441162

Avalanche 21-019

Avalanche CT 1.28 gpf One-Piece Elongated ErgoHeight Toilet

The Avalanche™ Concealed Trapway One-Piece toilet is a designer favorite. The combination of the one-piece configuration and the concealed trapway makes this one of the best looking, hardest working toilets on the market. Product show: 21-019  MORE AVALANCHE


Maxwell 12-831Luxoval 12-848Reef D500033TReef D301033Reef D304544

Ultra Flush Two-Piece Elongated Toilet

Harness the power of the ultimate flushing machine with an Ultra Flush® 1.28 gpf Pressure Assist Toilet. Boasting top of the line professional performance, its unique rim provides complete rinsing coverage with every flush. Product shown: 21-312  MORE ULTRA FLUSH


Opulence D303057Opulence D442251Opulence D443171

Ultra Flush 21-312